peak oil When the world is running down
content Stories, adventures and observations
stuff Stuff I Like
rants World Wide Whine
news All that's fit to print
personal info Who am I ? Why am I here ?
programming Laziness, impatience and hubris
resume Drag me, drop me, treat me like an object
cal Let there be light
computers Your plastic pal who's fun to be with
fcl Fictional Computer List
humor [Insert witty expression here]
quotes To be or not to be
movies Two thumbs up
books Tis the good reader that makes the good book
games End of Line
music Play that funky music, white boy
tv The boob tube
recreation Hut hut hut
comics I'm hunting wabbits
food Are you going to finish that?
links Gateway to the World Wide Wasteland
van Bezooijen van Bezooijens around the world
narcissism Pictures of me me ME!