Some of the stuff I've worked on:

  • My CS 184 final project, done together with Trevor Pering. This is a networked 3D tank battle game that runs on SGI workstations. If I get off of my butt and port it to OpenGL, it should be more interesting.
  • I was one of the contributors to Griljor, a totally awesome networked tile-based multi-player game. I wrote the ridiculously over-the-top character editor. It was my first X11 program, so I wanted to experiment as much as possible. I also heavily playtested this game... [Un]fortunately all the original authors (including me) have gotten at least one of the following: lives, wives, significant others, or real jobs, and Griljor has sort of stagnated for a while.
  • My CS 169 project was Xlords of Conquest, written in C++ and tcl/tk. It was a port of the classic EA Commodore 64/ Apple II game. Never finished.
  • I've been responsible for the install program for every version of ActiveWeb and ActiveWorks for the last couple of years (versions 2.1 - 3.1). The install program for the UNIX ports was written in one day of frenzied (but happy) coding in perl. The install program for Windows is written in InstallShield, has taken 2 years so far and still needs some work done to it to make it 100 % happy.

"We will encourage you to develop the three great
virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, 
and hubris."

	-- Larry Wall, Programming Perl, page xiv