Sigh. Another election, another win for Bush who I consider to be at best a mediocre President and at worst a total and complete disaster for our country and the world. At least it won't be John Kerry's fault when Peak Oil comes around in Bush's 2nd term. shows a "solution" that would probably make me happier in future elections:



Went to Active Software's 4th anniversary party which was a blast. I even got to do a speech in front of hundreds of people which I had never done before, but things went pretty well. You really can't get that much nicer than the 32nd floor of a hotel in San Fransisco. And of course you take the neat glass elevators that give you a great view of San Fransisco as you go up to get there.


Went to see North by Northwest at the Stanford Theater with my brother. Great flick!


Active Software had an IPO! The stock price was at $14 at the end of the day. The stock symbol is ASWX.


Went to the Chart House with Euphrasia and and our neighbors Ted & Shirley. Had some yummy halibut.


Majorly re-whacked my web pages. One has to wonder why I spend hours doing this every few years or so since no one ever visits my web page anyhow. Just to prove how unpopular I am, the counter to the right here represents visits to my page since Dec 15, 1997. Oh, and I was inspired by Jamie Zawinski's web page. This means I ripped off his ideas and the web design from his pages. My main page is ordered by having the pages with the most interesting content and actual relevance to other people at the top, getting more useless on the way down the list. This is the third incarnation of my web page. I should be happy that Web pages that suck didn't exist when I first made my first web page. Trevor Pering still has the awful color scheme I used on one of the pages back then. At least he has an excuse (he is color blind).


Went to see the opera "Carmen" by the West Bay Opera in Palo Alto. It was lots of fun because 1) My friend Trevor Pering's father was in it and 2) it was subtitled in English for uncultured cretins like me who don't understand French.