I love music. And there is so much great music out there to enjoy. However, I am not very impressed with most of the "mainstream" music that is available today. Occassionally I'll hear the "top 5" most popular songs in the country, and my biggest problem is that I cannot tell them apart, they all sound exactly the same to me: overproduced, multi-layered electronica with either rappers proudly proclaiming the excellence of their conquests, possessions or manliness, or girls telling the world (actually, teenage boys) how they can't wait to take all of their clothes off for you... So much of the mainstream music doesn't stand on its own, it's an entire package of stuff designed to lighten the wallets of young adults. Enough ranting ...

Listed below are CDs that I own that have stood the test of time.

Popular music

Marc Almond - Enchanted

A thoroughly enchanting work filled with great tracks featuring Almond's excellent voice.

Arrested Development - 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of ...

An interesting hip-hop album with many thought provoking songs. Includes Tennessee.

Bronski Beat - Age of Consent

Not for everyone's taste - But this is a great album from another great gay band of the eighties (as opposed to Frankie Goes to Hollywood). If you like the lead vocalists' choirboy voice, you will love the entire cd. Includes the sumpteous Ain't Necessarily So, try playing it on a $250,000 stereo system at an Audiophile convention, you'll be amazed.

David Byrne - Uh Oh

David Byrne proves he's got the stuff in another big solo album since the Talking Heads broke up. Completely enjoyable album, every track is excellent.

Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

What can I say about an album that is considered by many to be the best ever in the history of rock & roll ?

Beck - Mellow Gold

Rough, grungy and unpolished, Beck spins songs with random lyrics about the world around him. Includes the hit song Loser.

Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

Proving that his first solo album was no fluke, the Great Chubby One is back with another thoroughly awesome album. My favorites on this one are Two Reelers, Sir Rockaby, and White Noise Maker

Bush - Sixteen Stone

Lots of grungesque songs on this excellent CD.

Clash - The Story of the Clash, Volume 1

I really like disc 1 of this 2 disc set. Great songs like Rock the Casbah, This is Radio Clash, I fought the Law, and Bankrobber.

Consolidated - Business of Punishment

Vegetarian white rappers Consolidated lash out against the degradation of women, big American corporations, the media, meat eating and pro-lifers. Every track is unique. There are also some great bits of humor in this album. A rare find, with the hit Butyric acid leading the pack.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle

Probably one of the few good things to come out of the seventies ...

Brian Eno/David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

A radically prophetic album, two decades ahead of its time. Rhythms and Electronica are fused with an exorcism, chanting, sermons, ethnic singing, a political radio discussion, and more using the now common practices of sampling and looping. What Fatboy Slim and Moby are today, Brian Eno and David Byrne were in 1981.

Erasure - Pop! The first 20 hits

A great album.

Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw and the Cooked

Very solid album.

4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

This is a CD I bought quite a while ago, and it sat on my shelf for years. I recently played it again, and what a great CD it is. Linda Perry sings her heart out on this album. The band only produced this one recording before breaking up, and Linda Perry went solo. What's Up is excellent and received airplay when the album came out, but the CD is filled with other great songs like Pleasantly Blue,Morphine & Chocolate, Spaceman, Dear Mr. President, and Drifting.

Jesus Jones - Doubt

A refreshing CD with the hit Right Here, Right Now.

Peter Gabriel - Shaking the Tree

All of Peter Gabriel's hits rolled into one CD. Includes Big Time, Games without Frontiers, Sledgehammer, and Shock the Monkey.

Police - Synchronicity

Another great Eighties album.

Negativland - Escape from Noise

A bizarre collage of thrown together recordings and samples. Strangely fascinating.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

The only NIN album I really like. This album just sounds neat. NIN's later efforts are usually too noisy for my tastes.

Pet Shop Boys - Discography

A compilation of all their hit singles including Opportunities and West End Girls.

Pet Shop Boys - Very

Way fun album, including Go West.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

Dark, moody and depressing. In my opinion, the absolute peak of this band. One of the best recordings I have, crystal clear and very immersive.

Pixies - Bossanova

Vintage Pixies.

Pixies - Trompe le Monde

How I was introduced to the Pixies. Creative and unique, with great lyrics sung by Black Francis (Frank Black now). Finger my account to see the lyrics of my favorite song on this album, Alec Eiffel.

Space - Spiders

A CD filled with great songs, so you can actually listen the whole way through. Includes the hit Female of the Species.

Soul Coughing - Irresistible Bliss

I haven't had this CD for that long, but the songs are so darn catchy, I can't stop listening to them. Super Bon Bon got a lot of play on the radio, but my favorites are Disseminated. The Idiot Kings, and Sleepless.

Stereo MC's - Connected

A CD filled with great songs, one after the other. The bass lines are very interesting on this album.

Talking Heads - Fear of Music

Very interesting vintage Talking Heads.

Talking Heads - Naked

The last Talking Heads album. Considered by many to be the "bleakest" and worst album they made, but I consider it be their best. It's quite a format change from their previous masterpieces, but if you listen carefully, you will discover a true work of art.

Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Another wonderful Talking Heads album. Considered by some critics as "the most important album of the eighties"

Thompson Twins - Greatest Mixes

Way cool versions of all the popular Thompson Twins songs from the Eighties.

Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West

A quirky CD that took me a while to appreciate. Includes the hit Mexican Radio.

Eric Woolfson - Freudiana

From the high-energy introduction to the end, this album is an amazing musical tribute to and interpretation of the works of Freud by Eric Woolfson and the Alan Parsons Project. A brilliant work on many levels, and probably the best album of the nineties. It contains 18 tracks, only 2 of which are marginal. For more info, see a Freudiana page. The album is hard to find in the U.S. Deep and musically complex with creative vocalizations and great lyrics such as:

"But the meaning of life is mystery,
 that we don't understand so far.
 And the music of life is a rhapsody 
 if you're happy the way that you are."

XTC - Nonsuch

Whoah! An eclectic album filled with excellent songs.

Yello - One Second

Multi-ethnic rhythms integrated with synthesizers in a collage of very unusual tracks. Includes the hit Oh Yeah.

Classical music

Prokofiev - Symphony #5

The 2nd movement is one of my favorite parts of any classical composition...

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

All the classical themes you've ever heard during luxury car commercials rolled into one! What a deal! Seriously, a very nice piece, especially for attending live concerts. Since this piece requires only a few performers, virtuoso players really stand out!