The following contains pictures of me. I started working on this page after I explained to someone what a personal web page is. The response was, "that's awfully narcissistic, isn't it ?". Which is true, of course. These pages are going to be my attempt at autobiography. Mostly for my own benefit actually, once extreme boredom hits, I suggest you go look somewhere else.

Before I existed
My father's parents. My dad. My mom.
1970 - 1980
My great-grandma holding me. Mom & dad & me. Me as an adorable little baby. Me & my mom in front of the US Capitol on our trip to the USA.
In the woods. Baby pictures aren't fun unless there is at least one of you buck-naked. If you ever needed any proof that I was born in the seventies, here it is.
1980 - 1990
My first car: A 1973 datsun 510 station wagon. Shown here after a rare incidence of snowfall in the Santa Clarita Valley, California.
1990 - 1996
Somewhere in the mid 1990s I believe. Wearing a CSUA t-shirt with the official motto: "If you have to ask, you don't know."
The first year at Active Software.
My tidy cube in Active Software's second building. Hmm, why did this hard drive fail ? Maybe that gigantic groove will give me a clue...
Out with the cube, in with the office, but the level of chaos remains constant. I decided to grow hair again.