My favorite restaurants in ...

Babylon Alaturka
Van Woustraat 117-119
1074 AH Amsterdam
telephone: 020-675 45 88

I've only eaten at this restaurant twice, but both times I enjoyed one of the best meals of my life. My preferred dining arrangement is to skip breakfast, go there for lunch, and order the huge Calzone, which tastes even more delicious when you are famished! It is a casual dining restaurant, a Turkish/Italian establishment and family run (I'm assuming the family bit but it certainly seems that way).

When I was there in May 2001, I grabbed a business card:

Take the line 4 tram, get off at the Stadhouderskade stop and keep walking the same direction the tram was going (south). If you miss this stop, get off at Centuurbaan, and walk the opposite way (north). If you are walking south, the restaurant is at the left side of the street.

Here's a map, I used red dots to show the route of the tram because I was too lazy to make arrows.:

(Yes, "Babylone" is a typo)

GVB has maps, etc., describing public transportation in Amsterdam.

Kauai, Hawaii
I lived on the island of Kauai for several months in 2004. One of my favorite places to grab some food was Ono Charburger right in the town where I lived, Anahola (a ways north of Kapaa). It's a tiny little shack of a place two doors down from the Anahola post office, and during peak times there is a long wait because the place is very popular. Delicious food, and you can eat it right there and watch the chickens run around. I'm a vegetarian now (have been since Feb 2004), their veggie stuff is really good as well.