Fictional Computer List.

I was watching Doctor Who, a great William Hartnell episode from 1966, when I came to the realization that no has ever compiled a list of all the computers in movies, [comic] books, video games, television programs, etc. So I started making a little list. Here it is, it is no where near complete.


Program: Name of the book, movie, etc. where the computer exists.
Episode(s): Which episodes feature the computer.
Predisposition: Whether the computer aids or obstructs the protagonists.
Mental State: Psychological state of the computer.
Genesis: How and when the computer was created.
Function: The computer's primary function.
Abilities: Any special powers or abilities.
Famous Line(s): Anything striking the computer has said.


Last Line: The last thing said by the computer.
Fate: How the computer's existance ended, if it did.

Sorted by Computer Name
Sorted by Program
Sorted by Computer Name (SPOILERS!)
Sorted by Program(SPOILERS!)