Due to presumably a clerical error by the administrative staff, I was accepted into U.C. Berkeley and started my first semester in 1989. I graduated as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) major in 1993, making me part of a rare of breed people who actually graduate in 4 years instead of living at the College of Engineering for the rest of their lives .

Cal + EECS = degree

I spent way too much time at Berkeley walling and listening to walls on soda (a system run by the CSUA) ,playing netrek, Griljor, Xconq, Xbattle, and Xtank, working on programming projects that had nothing to do with classwork and goofing off. I consider the fact that I made it out relatively unscathed despite all these distractions to be one of my life accomplishments and a minor miracle to boot. And my GPA is higher than Dan Quayle's. This is mainly because I never made admiral rank in Netrek (it is a well know fact that GPA + Netrek profiency = a constant).


Prior to attending Cal, I attended Jordan Middle School and Palo Alto Senior High School in idyllic Palo Alto, California, before moving to Southern California, where I graduated from William S. Hart High.